How to add sections

It is possible to group your PowerPoint slides into sections. This function can be used for different agenda points or reporting chapters in a presentation.

  • Right-click anywhere on the left thumbnail pane. Click on Add Section.
PowerPoint Section 1
  • An unnamed Section will show up on the thumbnail pane. A rename section dialog box also shows up. 
PowerPoint Section 2
  • Go to View and click on Slide Sorter to manage your sections
PowerPoint Section Slide Sorter
  • If you want to collapse a section, click on the triangle right next to the selection name. Note that any numerical value next to the section name is an indication of how many slides are in that section.
PowerPoinr sections

PowerPoint Sections

If you want to delete a slide section, follow the next instructions.
  • Right click on any slide
  • Here, there are options to manage the slide section, including moving it higher or lower and deleting it.
  • To delete, right-click and select Remove section.
PowerPoint Sections
  • At the end go to View again and go back to the Normal View